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ofxAVUI is an openFrameworks addon that enables the creation of user interfaces (UI) with integrated audio and visual (AV) feedback. Different UI elements are combined into a UI “zone”. Each zone has a sound and a correspondent visualisation,... Read More


ofxEnveloper is an openFrameworks addon that converts gestures into an envelope type of graphical information, by recognising inflection points from the gesture. Thresholds for horizontal and vertical lines can also be defined. It is particula... Read More


ShapeTones is an audiovisual memory game for iOS (iPhone/iPad). A sequence of 3 shapes and tones (“ShapeTones”) is played, and the player tries to reproduce it. Tapping different areas of the screen trigger different ShapeTones. The game star... Read More


AVZones (AudioVisual Zones) is an iPad app for audiovisual performance, composed of an audio sequencer/looper with a visualizer. By default, 3 audiovisual columns or “zones” allow for the manipulation of 3 audio loops. Each zone had 3 XY pa... Read More


Gen.AV is a platform for the development of, and performance with, generative audiovisual tools. Workshops, hackathons and performances have been organised as part of this platform. It is part of the Enabling AVUIs research project. Video above is... Read More