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Robert Henke and Robin Fox performances, Barbican, 19/7/2014

On the 19th July 2014, Robert Henke and Robin Fox performed at the Barbican in London (1). The audiovisual performances were very coherent, and complementary – both using lasers for the visuals. Robert Henke’s lasers were directed from the middle... Read More


NexusUI was presented at NIME 2014. From www.nexusosc.com: "NexusUI is a JS toolkit for easily designing musical interfaces for mobile apps and web browsers, with emphasis on rapid prototyping (nexusDrop) and integration with Max/MSP (nexusUp)" L... Read More

Mother – AV library for Processing

Mother is a library for Processing for facilitating the creation of AV projects. During NIME 2014, I met Ilias Bergstrom, one of its creators. From http://www.onar3d.com/mother/ : "The limited aesthetic flexibility permitted by existing tools how... Read More