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Emerging trends for live visuals

The evolution of live visuals with depend on a combination of social, economical and technological changes. Here is a list of emerging trends that in my opinion will affect its practice. The list will become quickly obsolete, as more trends will appe... Read More

Robert Henke and Robin Fox performances, Barbican, 19/7/2014

On the 19th July 2014, Robert Henke and Robin Fox performed at the Barbican in London (1). The audiovisual performances were very coherent, and complementary – both using lasers for the visuals. Robert Henke’s lasers were directed from the middle... Read More

Gesture visualization in Blek (2013) and Yellowtail (1998)

Recently I came across the iOS game Blek, since it won a 2014 Apple Design Award: https://developer.apple.com/design/awards/2014/Blek/ I found Blek interesting due to its emphasis on gestural patterns and gesture visualization. The gesture visualiza... Read More